Varieties of English (Part 1)

English has some varieties, they are : 

  • American English
  • British English
  • Written English
  • Spoken English
  • Formal English
  • Informal English
  • Polite English
  • Familiar English

             For the first time, I want to explain first about American English and British English. Actually, American English is the English Language which is used mostly in United States and in other hand, British English is English Language which is used in The United Kingdom. Here are The Principal Differences in Spelling between British English and American English : 

Final -l is always doubled after one vowel in stressed and unstressed syllables in British English but usually only in stressed syllables in American English, for example:

  • rebel > rebelledtravel > travelled
  • rebel > rebelledtravel > traveled

Some words end in -tre in British English and -ter in American English, for example:

  • centretheatre
  • centertheater

Some words end in -ogue in British English and -og in American English, for example:

  • analoguecatalogue
  • analogcatalog

Some words end in -our in English and -or in American English, for example:

  • colourlabour
  • colorlabor

Some verbs end in -ize or -ise in English but only in -ize in American English, for example:

  • realise, realizeharmonise, harmonize
  • realizeharmonize

       Then, I want to tell about Written English and Spoken English. The difference between Spoken and Written English is in Spoken English we just can hear the accent of English but in Written English, we can see the structure of the english, such as English Grammar,etc.In Spoken English, we don’t have time to thinking about how to revise what we have said before, but in Written English, we can revise what we have written before. After that, for Spoken English is more personal than Written English.


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